Lake Petenwell’s 15th Annual Catch & Release Musky Challenge

Musky Caught on Lake Petenwell, Photo Credit to Todd Forcier

The 15th Annual Catch & Release Petenwell Musky Challenge was a success. This year’s fishing tournament proved to be an enjoyable event for all participants. The event was held on Lake Petwenwell and was sponsored by Black River Bait Co. A total of 80 boats and 160 participants were in attendance.  The tournament kicked off on Friday, May 13th and within the first day a total of 37 muskies were caught, 32 of them being tournament-legal fish (34 inches or greater). Day one resulted in 2 triples, 2 doubles and several singles. On day two, a total of 12 tournament-legal fish were caught. Competition was tight as the tournament came to a close, but it was Dan Frick and Jeff Daniels that came away with the first place prize. The team tallied up a total of 4 fish and 190 points, earning them $4,000 in cash winnings.

The fishing tournament showcased Lake Petenwell as an excellent recreational resource. The tournament was also successful at raising money and awareness for Lake Petenwell’s musky population.  A team of DNR members and fish biologists gave each musky a PIT tag. These tags allow scientists to determine important information about the fish such as movement patterns, growth and survival rates. By the end of the tournament, a total of $4,300 was raised. Of the proceeds, $1,000 was donated to Lake Petenwell’s local Department of Natural Resources. The remaining $3,300 went towards purchase-muskies for fall stocking to ensure a healthy environment for the fish and hopes of holding a 16th annual tournament come next May.

TFM Wisconsin would like to congratulate all of the winners of the Musky Challenge. If you’re searching for the ideal fishing property, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better location than Lake Petenwell. Let us know when you’re in the area to fish and we’ll show you some lakefront and lake-access properties for sale on Lake Petenwell.

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